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i like it but why does her hair go transparent in the bottom right comer i dont get that
Most likely, It's to make it seem more real, as the rule of Anime goes - Hair in front of objects/items/features need's to be transparent, where as hair behind objects/items/features is usually solid/bold
ah ok ty. ive never really seen this in any anime ive watched but then again not many ppl have really long hair in gundam
or partially faded

is it just me or is miku getting more and more mechanized every time someone draws her?
im noticing that also. in like a month she will be as mechanized as a gundam
I think this is actually from one of the official figures they made of her. It came out a couple years ago I think. (I was half-tempted to buy it.) I think this is also the basis for the general design/theme for the official Append design. (The Append design always reminded me of that one figure I saw.)
The figure Miku VN02 came out around August this year SA. This figure is the the 2nd version of Moon.. and I was one of the few in the UK to get it first :) ((£120 spent though >.<))
It was this year? That can't be right...I thought I saw the actual VN02 figure in stores when I was still in JPN during the first half of '09...Ah well...At least I was right about it being the figure design though. ^_^

EDIT: Apparently this was my 1500th comment post...
Cant say for certain, All I can remember is when looking at webbies like play-asia and j-List they all had the model pegged for July/August.
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