bandaid brown_hair loli nude purple purple_hair tan_lines yellow_eyes

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tags say purple hair but wouldn't it rather be brown hair?
Otherwise, nice art, I like the lineart, shading and highlighting.
Nefashu said:
Thanks =D
-Hm not sure, i thought purple, but you can change tag^^
Or purple and brown`? >:|
well it kinda looks like purple since there is alot of it in the background. but as said it is more brown with a purple nyansé
Is it a loli? Seems too tall.
loli is anything upto age 13. Since there is no way to be sure of age it's loli.
SciFi said:
loli is anything upto age 13. Since there is no way to be sure of age it's loli.
I though loli was any girl who had a grade school figure who was under the age of 18. Past 18 means she's a "False Loli", in other words a loli of legal age.
13-18 is the grey area.
An age was defined when it came to sorting the dfc from the loli before the explicit loli was removed. That is why there is no definitively explicit images for francesca lucchini, bio says 12, but there is for aisaka taiga, bio says 16.

I think it was 13 because that is the age in Japan, while the grey area covers those countries with a loud enough voice on the internet.
i think as long as your not a pervert and masterbaiting to a loli they should be allowed to be uploaded, but really young loli's like say a "5" year old or some shit like that should be removed
Etna is a loli. There is no clear definition of age when loli is concerned.
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