chibi ikamusume oohara_kyuutarou shinryaku!_ikamusume white

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That's all cute and adorable until you realise that you missing one finger...
Will she be able to eat the whole finger in first place? (-.-)
Well I think he or she in the picture will remove the hand if she start to eat that much, though
Ok ok maybe half of finger will be missing. And about removing finger... Just look how adorable she is. You don't want to make her cry would you? So just be good and let her to bite your finger :D
Well I don't mind she is bitting me since I doubt that would hurt and hell yeah it look damn adorable xD
But so much to start eating my finger I would stop, though (^.~)
uhm guys there are some poisonus squids(dunno wich squid ika musume is)....but your guys are righ tit look damn adorable xD
Actually on a beach I went to that had tidal flats, in the tide pools there are these tiny squids that always rush and cling to your toes with each step you take through them..
Irresistibly cute x'D !!!!!
I wouldn't mind if she was nibbling on my finger .
She probably won't be able to bite through it. *numnumnum*
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