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Gotta do something about kisumi that puts a "K" on every foxgirl out there. You know they may sue you for sexual harassment.
Oh no no, no harassment, ask Shinkai, all my foxxy's are willing participants.
I speak truth~! ask the blue hair... who... will be gone until Sunday GMT +8... damn...
What does Shinkai have to do with this that YOU harassing Foxgirls?
He knows that my foxxy's like me and the way I play with them, I treat them nice, and they're happy. No harassing here, as I've said before, I mark them to keep them from getting in trouble around the image boards.
Ahem...I see...Something in need of my attention..And yes,FoliFF...Her foxxy like her like....A LOT!!!The way of playing...I wouldn't go in detail..Just put it as..."Wonderful,beautiful and erotic things together"
Yes hers foxxys but still does every foxxy out there agrees to it?
I haven't met one that hasn't~! Now.. let's see...

*Kisumi flips through her journal of random things.*

Drakeo's the one to ask about that, he saw me meet a new foxxy~ still no rape~
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