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Cuda, looks like one is trying to escape.
Don't worry, that collar will shock her if she tries to run away.
you don't need a shock collar, that's inhumane! I'm sure your other lolis would make sure she won't leave for you. they seem to be loyal enough
Actually it was I who caught her trying to run out while I was on my way to Cuda's place~
well the police should be searching for her, since she's a police girl.... and who know, my fingers might slip and dial for the police department....
*cuts the phone line* Cudas lolis stay where they belong, no one takes them. at least not easily
good luck cutting a phone line on a cell phone... be sure to tell me how you do it when you succeed... and rather than taking, that would be releasing...
InfiniteCookieLoop said:
good luck cutting a phone line on a cell phone... be sure to tell me how you do it when you succeed... and rather than taking, that would be releasing...
All you need is a transmitter on the same frequency as the phone is currently using, then just get close enough to either the tower or the phone.
Well there's always a carrier pigeon...I think it got there by now
You really don't what to mess with me, and my work. Bad things will only come of it.
Run InfiniteCookieLoop! Don't let Yuki catch you!
(In Kisumi's RP, Yuki is my mean sadist maid. ^_^)
You forgot scary, merciless and spiteful.
Orly?...*takes out chaingun and belt'o'grenades*
Cookie....i suggest you run, you stand no chance. And if you fight and piss off Yuki *raises single hand in front of face* rest in peace
*Cuda stands his ground with a Ban Hammer* Do you really want to fight me or Yuki?
Don't do it Cookie! Save yourself! The ban hammer isn't as bad as Yuki! She did things to I don't like... that I Don't like! That's some bad things!
wow, hiding behind someone, that's very high and mighty of you
*shivers* stuff that YOU don't like Kisumi *shivers* run fast Cookie. Very fast! *hides in bunker*
*Yuki sprints {ninja style} from behind Cuda then dashes towards Cookie. Has she dashes, she takes out her small pocket knife. As she gets closer, she skips back and forth as to not make a target. Six seconds after leaving behind Cuda, she nears Cookie, she brings the knife up and stops a split second before cutting into Cookie's throat.* Yuki: Do you still want to fight me? >:(
^rping is quite fun once you get the hang of it.... lets move this to the forum in the next post
*plays with a pin* guess where the grenade is! :D *runs for it*

Mod Edit: Come back here.
Ugh...All this after the RP commenting issue had what? Last month?

Cuda, you should know better as a Mod! (Especially for letting it run for this long...)

BTW, Cuda, isn't it a bit cruel to have your loli wearing a sukumizu that labels her as Flat-chested? It true and all, but i don't think she needs to be branded as such...(Just in case: the label on her chest reads, "tsurupeta," which I'm assuming is related to, "tsurupettan.")
I've been behaving myself, I even refrained from marking that pink ninetails that came through here. Try to loosen up mister Stahn, join the party in messenger~

Cuda isn't just a bit cruel to his lolis either, this one's getting off easy with a simple collar...
kisumi, I wasn't aiming that post at you. I was admonishing Cuda ^_^ For various reasons ^_~
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