2girls blood bloomers blue_eyes brown_hair cherry_blossoms flowers gray_hair hakurei_reimu hat japanese_clothes katana khibz konpaku_youmu miko moon myon petals short_hair sword touhou water weapon white_hair

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R -"Youmu, have you seen marisa"??
Y - "nooooo" xD lol
this isn't what it looks like!
Don't you think this needs tag "kirisame_marisa" too? ^^
Nah, nah. It's more of : (Reimu) "Is that a hat?" (Youmu) "Yes, what about it?" (Rei) "It looks suspiciously like Marisa's" (Youmu) "Oh yeah, I saw Suika running through here with Marisa in her hands, does that explain anything?" (Rei) "...No sake for a week."
"I tried learning marisa how to swim, but it failed."
Minoru01 said:
R -"Youmu, have you seen marisa"??
Y - "nooooo" xD lol
This comment make me laugh :D
Epic picture XD
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