barefoot bikini blue_hair breasts brown_hair cleavage game_cg hoshino_ouji hoshi_no_ouji-kun kamino_kokoro kiss long_hair male qp:flapper sideboob swimsuit tagme_(artist) underwater water

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First thought, Nirvana's album for 'Nevermind'
Too big boobs... whrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. D:
It could had been a very nice pic. :(
How does she stay underwater with those boobs!?
Also, would have been better if she was kissing another girl. ^^;
Yet again anime breasts have done something that seems impossible for normal breasts to achieve.
Well done anime breasts. Well done.
Oversized boobs. Do not want. :(

/me prefer DFC. :D
footloose said:
How does she stay underwater with those boobs!?
Interesting fact: real breasts float, fake don't. No matter how big, though, I don't think they can act as a life-preserver –_–'
She must sink with such big boobs . . wwww

Oh wait ! She is !
After careful research into the picture I was able to find out that two types of women exist; regular women, and women that can use their breasts like a submarine ballast mechanisms; Filling them with air or water to escape enemies from the deep.
i really like big boobs but on this pic they are even to big for me. not because there are to big, because it fits not good with the pic
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