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New York?

Reminds me of GTA4 lol, good stuff.
it kinda does look like NYC form GTA 4
Balanc said:
it kinda does look like NYC form GTA 4
I'm sure Umbra will be pleased that someone repeated her comment in response... she was waiting for this for 11 months already. Thanks to you she is free now and will forever be grateful. you name shall go down in history: The one who said "it kinda does look like (Enter previous comment here). 11 months later.
Yesh, it's NYC. I see central park and the Empire State building.
That's not NYC. Empire State Building and Central Park aren't THAT close to one another. Central Park isn't that close to any water either. Manhattan (a.k.a. NYC proper) is very distinct in shape from the air. This is nowhere near that shape or layout. (FYI, I'm from NYC originally.)
My bad, I saw the building that shape, and the giant park in the middle, and assumed. Don't listen to Kisumi people! She's wrong!
NYC, circa 2140. What's left of it after the great war/flood of 2012...
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