blue_eyes kannagi_rei lolotte_rosenkreuz long_hair school_uniform twinkle_crusaders white_hair

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xox_tora_xox said:
is this from an anime??
Look at the purple tag.
I don't know why, but her hair style really draws me in...
no me gusta mucho su pelo pero tiene lindos ojos
xox_tora_xox said:
is this from an anime??
Nope. It's from Twinkle Crusaders, which is an eroge made by Lillian. It has spawned a PSP version (Twinkle Crusaders Go Go something.. I can't recall the name) and will have an upcoming sequel called Twinkle Crusaders Passion Star Stream due in PC.

Just FYI, the first opening movie of the game is animated. :)

tl;dr : Read teh purple tag, just like Black Rock Shooter said above. :D
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