A corpse?

Probably its meaning is 'Zombie' here...

armor eucliwood_hellscythe kore_wa_zombie_desu_ka? transparent vector

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btw, why "kore HA", not "wa"?
You'd have to ask the Studio because it's directly out of the ED.
The guy (or gal) who romanized that just probably got accidentally mixed with は.
I think its some strange rule just like when they romanize "Hatune Miku" instead of "Hatsune". But i'm just started to learn hiragana so i'm not sure :)

And i think は and わ sound quite different :)
Quick JPN Lesson:
The hiragana "は" when used as a particle in JPN (signifying a subject) is romanized as "wa" in ENG according phonetic-beased transliteration schemes (like Hepburn).

More Deatils...

...I keep having to mentioning stuff like this...Maybe I should do a FAQ entry for Romaji/romanization...
Thanks for explanation :)
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